About us
A high-tech company that supplies cryogenic equipment and instruments

Leiden Introduction

Leiden Cryogenics was built by Prof. Frossati from famous Kamerlingh Onnes Lab at Leiden Univeristy


Prof. Giorgio Frossati has done research in quantum fluids and solids, ultra-low temperature techniques and lately spherical gravitational wave detectors.


Worked on dilution refrigerators since 1970 having introduced the silver powder heat exchangers, now widely used in all commercial dilution refrigerators.


He has built a DR system using silver heat exchangers that obtained  continuous temperature of 2.0 mK in 1977 when he worked at the National Center for Scientific Research in France. Before that he had developed plastic heat exchangers that improved the world record from 7 to 5.2 mK. When he moved to Leiden in 1980 he built the powerful dilution refrigerator for low millikelvin temperatures


As one of the inventor, he had invented the Plastic dilution refrigerators which can be used in high magnetic field research and pulse magnetic field research etc. 






Main Product

Dry system


CF series DR system


Wet system


MCK-50 Sereis DR system(base temperature 15—30mK )

MNK-126 Series DR system(base tempeature 5—15mK )

DRS supper cooling power DR system(base temperature 2.8mK )


DR systems made by Leiden are widely used in low temperature physics field, till now there are more than 200 users.