CF-CS110-No exchange gas
CF-CS110-No exchange gas

· With single / double pulse tube refrigerator = > Liquid Nitrogen Precooling, the cooling time from room temperature to base temperature is about 24 hours

·Double 3He condensing circuit

·With shared vacuum shield

·The diameter of the mixing cavity disk with Dr unit is 490mm = > and various experiments can be carried out simultaneously

·Top mounted sample cold inserted probe rod (see back) for quick sample change (110mm or 50mm sample space) - > 8 hours from room temperature to base temperature.

·Heat supply can be provided and inserted into semi fixed probe rod

·There are four 110mm through holes and five 25mm through holes. The second 50mm through hole and eight 52mm non through holes = > multiple test rods can be inserted in parallel at the same time

·The probe rod can be inserted into the magnet installed at the bottom of the outer shield of the evaporation chamber (the magnetic field can reach 10t), or installed at the bottom of the 3K shield (the magnetic field strength can reach 14T), or the vector magnet (YZ or XYZ) can be provided

·Platinum resistance or / ruthenium oxide resistance thermometers shall be installed on all levels of plates. The calibration resistance thermometer is located in the mixing chamber disk.

·CMN mutual inductance thermometer or squid noise thermometer can be provided as options

·Automatic motor lifting table for easy installation of all levels of shielding cover

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CF-CS110-No exchange gas

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